This is Kit Kat, my son’s cat that moved in on the 17th Jan, 2018 while we were overseas. My son was moving house & unfortunately, Kit Kat could not go. Every life is precious & there was nothing else but he is moving in. I don’t tell my hubby about Kit Kat moving in till we arrived home end of Feb2018. 🤣🤣 Kit Kat has been an integral part of my grieving process of losing my beloved familiar, Robbie. I can not thank him enough. PS. We call him a tuxedo cat but his bow tie is missing due to a wild party night. His lips are sealed⚔️🐾🐾💕💕🐾🐾⚔️ the third photo is the first time since moving here that Kit Kat has acknowledge my son present & sat on his former family member.

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