Guys I'm sorry theres no live tonight! Instead I leave you with a question for your noggins to ponder!

Is it truly possible to be a peaceful warrior?

Drop me some depth 👇🏻

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7 months

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återföds i krig
8 months

First, thank you Tarran for posting this type of question. Also, I very much like the people on this site and I very much hope not to offend.
There is a way to be a peaceful warrior and still make war with absolute, devastating violence. I have always been kind to enemy combatants that were captured in combat. I have spent more than a few months of my life speaking with them and working to understand them. I have killed a few as well and have no problem with war and understand it’s necessity.
The actual act of killing in combat is natural, it is instinctive. If you are well-trained, then it is also a skill. Being calm when rounds are coming in (I specifically mean bullets being fired at and very near you) is a blessing from the gods. I never knew I would be that way until I was tested.
I have always avoided violence, but when it becomes necessary I enjoy it as I know that I am putting my trade to work. I know some of you will think I am in crazy, but when it happens to you, you will understand.
I am a combat veteran and I am also a Police Officer. Putting someone down (not killing them) and then getting them to a hospital where you spend hours making sure they are OK, as well as having empathy for them and their situation, is also something that I have been very lucky about. I have made 100’s of arrests of violent people and rarely, if ever, seriously injured anyone.
All I am trying to explain here is this: Killing and fighting are OK for a good reason, treating everyone you have to fight, or even kill, with respect is the only peaceful thing that I have ever wante. Empathy is not your enemy. Loving your enemy and respecting him is the only way to win. If you want a good read, check out On Killing and On Combat by LTC Dave Grossman. It will change how killing effects you if you are ever forced to harm another person (in battle or even to just defend yourself).

8 months

for me being a peaceful warrior is fighting for survival, not against anyone else just against yourself, being better each day, making small steps to get to your eventual goal to make it back to your family and friends. I think this is what we all should do, don't compete with others just be against yourself, don't harm others for your own ego just try to help others from your experiences.

Ash Hobson
8 months

This is an interesting one for sure dude. in my own thinking I would say yes you can.

If taking the warriors stance that you're only cause to engage in a fight would be when someone else's cause is to disrupt your current state of peace, then yes you are indeed a peaceful warrior.
The under thought term here being "warrior" perhaps thinking/naming of warriors as defenders in this case makes more sense. None the less there will always be as many have already stated, parties that have alternative motives and who ultimately generate conflict.
It's then how each party responds to this conflict and to what extent that decides whether they are a warrior for peace, or a warrior for war! 💪

Mariana Bras
8 months

I can't really give any historical context on what being a warrior really is so I can only speak from the present time point of view and the battles we all face and how we can make a difference.
I would say being a peaceful warrior should be the ultimate goal for all of us. I want to believe battles and struggles can be fought in a non-violent manner but I also know that sometimes it simply doesn't happen that way. Sure we should all learn skills and be prepared to use them, but I think deciding and choosing whether or not to use them is most important. As someone who used to be much more impulsive, I've learned and trained myself to be resilient and stronger through compassion, empathy and peace. It's not easy. But I have won many more battles since then.

8 months

It could be as simple as this: even a warrior won’t shy away from companionship of brothers, sisters, friends, and family. In those, lies peace

8 months

That’s a great question brother!! I fight with this feeling but I can also justify it. To be peaceful one must know violence and chaos. The term peaceful warrior to me sounds a lot like a perfect balance. A yin to the yang. A negative to a positive. I hope every warrior can find peace within themselves and be peaceful to others. But I also hope that warrior never forgets how to lift his weapon and stand on his feet.

Verdant Warden
8 months

Like most things, my answer can be found in the works of Tolkien.

I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend. - Faramir

There's a big difference between war mongering and a love for conflict vs. a willingness to take a stand against wickedness. A warrior takes up the call not for themselves and to satiate carnality, but for others as a means to protect their sovereignty.

8 months

A martial artist would prefer to never use their skills against another, but they are prepared to use those skills if they are required to

8 months

We can try but in my experience on this beautiful earth, there is always someone else who has a different agenda. I am a Peace Lovin’ Tree Huggin’ hippie, Viking style person. There has been someone in my life once or twice who has tried to fire me up. I agree with @Julieann .

David Bartley
8 months

I would argue that it isn’t in the traditional sense of being a warrior. Looking at a warrior culture such as the Normans for instance. The Normans rose to power as the few not the many. They were generally considered the ruling elite in their regions of conquest, such as in England and southern Italy. They developed an an attitude where they could not be subservient to anyone, accomplishing this by being warriors. They were not peaceful warriors and the idea of aviditas dominationis is personified within the Normans. When leaving Normandy Amatus of Montecassini describes the Normans as “abandoning little in order to acquire much, these people departed, but they did not follow the custom of many who go through the world placing themselves in the service of others; rather, like the ancient warriors, they desired to have all people under their rule and dominion.” In short to our ancestors there was no way to be a “peaceful” warrior. Being a warrior was a way of life to the Normans, one in which they did with brutal efficiency. As the definition of a warrior can change, so to can the ideology of the warrior ethos and that could see the birth of the “peaceful” warrior. However, I still do not believe a warrior could ever truly be peaceful at heart.

8 months

Yes! Battles don't always need to be fought with fists or weapons. Words and wit can be equally as powerful 😉

8 months

It could depend on how you qualify being a warrior.
Those who fight for change without being violent can be no less passionate than those that do. Using their words to fight instead of fists.
I'd also argue that someone who fights purely to defend home and hearth, kith and kin with no search of renoun or glory could be considered peaceful. They do so for others without thinking of themselves.

8 months

I say it depends on the war you are fighting!