Production is in full swing for the Kveldsongr & Staithes!

Originally estimated for late Feb, we're likely to receive them mid March now & start shipping from there. This is due to lockdown 3 & Brexit causing mayhem across the border throughout January 🙄

Hopefully you guys understand I can't do a thing about that, and you'll love em when they're with you! Got the final pre-production sample with me here and it's the best quality we've ever made 😊

Just a quick reminder that my personal inbox isn't customer services, I'm on here to socialise with you all and keep us growing.
Please direct the mundane to but by all means direct your extraordinary selves to my inbox.
I'm one of you here 👊🏻

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Ash Hobson
8 months

Got both colours of the last run, fair to say it was the best thing to wear at Jorvik! 🤘⚡

Alex Collins
8 months

Ahh yes so much closer now

8 months

Cannot wait for this

Hana Mikaeldottír
9 months

I’m so looking forward to receiving my staithe 😆
I’ve been living in my lopi jumpers this winter as it’s been so cold. They could do with a break from being worn and I could do with a break from looking like an Icelandic farmer lol!

9 months

@Tarran thanks for the update. So looking forward to grabbing myself a staith⚔️🥰⚔️

9 months

@Tarran I tried to inbox you about the next writing prompt but it wouldn’t let me. Just been watching the feed for it.

9 months

Thanks for the update!

9 months

Honestly can't wait !

9 months

oh wishing I would of got one now!

9 months

So looking forward to this 😁

9 months

Ohh looking so much forward! Thanks for the update ❤

9 months

I was just wondering when we will receive them. No problem Tarran, I think we can wait 💪

9 months

Ive got mine from the last run on now, toasty warm in it. looking for to my new one.

9 months

Can’t wait to pick one of these up!