Hey guys!

Looking for some guidance from the metal crafters in the group.

How would you go about smoothing and binding end terminals like this? From videos I’ve watched they seem to anneal then quench then hammer but I’m wondering if you should heat until it’s glowing then hammer first to get the metal shaped before starting with the anneal, quench, hammer process???

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11 months

@wodenstone thanks dude! Yeah I’ve thought about solder as I always seem to have the issue of the wires separating during hammering but then I think ‘how would they have done it in the Viking age without solder’ I mean there’s plenty of finds that show they didn’t even bother with this style and just left them somewhat like the arm ring I posted before but I’d really like to get this style of end down even if just to have that technique in my pocket haha

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11 months

Personally I would solder the ends first to ensure the wire stays together however I don't thing this is necessary. @valhallassilver is definitely better at this than me.