There are some days when I feel suffocated by the weight of thousands of years of memories that belong to the countless lives I've lived. Ever since I was a child I've struggled to comprehend why I felt so old despite being so young. All my peers were different from me, and gradually they began to cast me out for not being like them. Eventually I became so disillusioned with the ideas of friendship, love and overall happiness I just shut everyone else out, I didnt want to be alone, but everyone seemed to leave anyways, so what was the point of being with anyone when eventually they'll cast you out? Then through the web of fate, I began to learn about the gods. You see, I'm not of Nordic blood, I'm Jewish and Italian by blood, but the God I was supposed to worship never made any sense to me, and years of loneliness only widened the divide between myself and the faith of my ancestors. It was at my lowest moment that Odin came to me, like a kindly old man, and began to guide me away from the path of hatred and destruction. To this day I still dont comprehend it, why a god would come to sit with an angry, damaged and mentally scarred little boy with a soul as old as time itself, especially with no connection by blood or ancestry to me. Nevertheless, Odin came for me, and showed me a different path from the only one I had known before then. Over the years, through my bonds with the Allfather and eventually the other gods, I have learned so much about myself and about life, and slowly I have begun to balance my spiritual age and experience with the need to live this current life of mine to the fullest. This year has been the hardest one of my current life by far, I have experienced darkness and suffering beyond the imagining of most, and yet I'm still here, and poised to obtain the skillset needed to affect real change in the world for the better. I share this here tonight because I want to help reach out to others who suffer from the same pains, anxieties and difficulties that I do, and because I want to make my stance on Asatru perfectly clear. It doesnt matter where you come from, what type of life you lived before, what you look like, what type of accent you have, or who your ancestors worshiped, the gods choose to help us, and to guide deserving others to us so that we may help build up our kindreds and strengthen our ties to each other, to the gods, and to this world of Midgard we all share. If theres one thing that I hope can be taken away from this post, it's that once the Allfather of the Nine Worlds looked upon a very angry and very sad little Jewish boy and said "it's okay child, come now and walk with me a while, let us talk and learn what we can about life." Odin's kindness and wisdom has guided me towards the path I now embrace, and every day the gods come and teach me new things, sometimes they are enjoyable, and sometimes they are excruciatingly painful, but they all serve a purpose in shaping my ultimate fate... dont embrace hatred, or wallow in your own misery, rise and rise again, and do not leave your brothers or sisters behind, nor the outsiders seeking to meet the gods, unity will be our greatest strength, and preserve the thought and memory of the old ways for generations to come, long after our bones are dust and Ragnarok has come. Thanks to all for letting me share, I love the openness of this forum, and please if anyone wants to or needs to talk to someone, reach out, I'm right here for anyone in need of help. Fair winds and following seas to all! 🦅⚓

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