Bedtime reading, been listening to lots of podcasts with him on- his energy 👌💥
Not brave enough to start the cold showers or sea dunks yet 🥶🥶

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12 months

Oh I love him! Been doing the breathing regularly for over a year, but this is my first month where I am doing it almost every single day. I love it! Haven’t done an ice bath yet, but do shower cold and swim in the ocean and river in winter now. You will wonder why you are doing this to yourself at first, but then feel truly alive!

12 months

@Winter_Rose the breathing exercises are insane!! I need to get some consistency too x

12 months

I LOVE Wim Hof! this book is on my wish list, I have been doing cold showers for a while now but I do need to make more time for the breathing. I find him truly inspirational xx