Apparently there is something there πŸ˜‚ no, not mine. I can't announce this on public social media where everyone knows me but I need to tell someone!
I am filled with a mixture of confusing emotions. My brother, has just announced to me that I am going to be aunt, all going well with the pregnancy.
Excitement as I will be having my first biological niece or nephew (I have 3 nieces through my husband's sister) and I know my brother and his girlfriend will be amazing parents. They are care free spirits and I know this child will be brought up to care for the world and to appreciate nature and to be kind.
Happy that I will have a new family member and that they are so excited and happy that my parents wil have the grandchild they have been wanting. Anxiety due to having made the decision to not have our own for environmental, societal and economic reasons (long, complicated story). The same reasons we have decided not to still exist for this one.
Sad that I won't get to see this one as much as I know I'd want to. They live in Austria - now a huge excuse to go repeatedly. I'm yet to get to him.
It's very early days and anything can happen but thought I'd share πŸ˜‚

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about 1 year

Oh fantastic news! Congratulations! I look forward to seeing your updates 😊
Don't be hard on yourself regarding your decision, chik. It obviously isn't one you made lightly, so huge respect to you both for caring enough to make this sacrifice πŸ’• You sound so caring and thoughtful, you'll make a brilliant Auntie xx

about 1 year

congratulations !!! ❀

about 1 year


blΓ³Γ° hrafn
about 1 year

congratulations 😊