I've been having alot of stress lately so my body and mind have been chaotic. As they become for me then, both due to as I am as a person and because of an old skull trauma that makes me worse at coping with stress. But this morning I took a long walk before work and I met the same raven as I met the other day at the exact same place and we had a long talk. Now I am grounded again.

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Verdant Warden
over 1 year

Looks like a beautiful place for a chat with a raven. I used to write these short stories about the Ravens of the Seasons and the conversations I would have with them. Sometimes I like to think those are the ravens I see on hikes. I'm glad you were able to find a place to destress.

over 1 year


blóð hrafn
over 1 year

I can definitely relate...stress and anxiety for me at times. my ravens always come around at the right time as well