So a bit ago i posted that my VERY Christian friend, the “YOUR SCUM FOR NOT BEING CHRISTIAN OR STRAIGHT” type, asked me to introduce him to our Gods and beliefs. Well today he told me he hears the beating of Thor’s hammer and has converted to us. Tho he keeps it a secret from his family as they are… those types

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That is a great story. Now to pull back the Christian themes so he can understand the gods outside of the idea that they are people like figures watching over us.

The mind shift I had when I first heard that the old word norse word for God translates closer to Pillar or Life Force was a game changer. I came from being scientific yet agnostic so believing in the gods in a literal sense was difficult. Understanding that they literally are the very pillars of life in the sense that they are the concepts the stories describe, instantly puts them in the real world and removes the necessity for Faith.

Is there are a part in my mind that seeks wisdom regardless of consequence, can that part be abandoned to obtain a wolf like trance state. Yes and that very force is Odin. Does lightning dance across sky strengthening our ozone protecting midgard from radiation and releasing nitrogen to Enrich the soil? Yes, Thor is real. Is their beauty and untold magic in the world? Thank Freyja Lady of the Vanir. Heck even the ancestors, decisions the made in life alters their RNA in life effecting the genes that are passed on through lineage thought gene's can express and regress throughout your life as a literal connection between you and your ancestors.

The more I learn the more I realize the Gods are 100% real. Ancient peoples recognized forces they could not see that shaped the world around them. In order to understand these forces, they gave them name and created myths to explain things in a way that could be understood by non science literate minds. The pillars of life are real. Their influence affects all of existence and throughout history cultures gave their own names to these forces so we have many named gods that share aspects since our cultural interpretations for the gods are creations of men (a rose by any other name is still a rose) that idea.