So I got a job at Wetherspoons a few weeks back, had someone spit at me and just got out of self isolation again (I’m Covid Free! YAY!) so I’ve promptly quit that shit.

Now I’ve got a job lined up back in Security, and for some reason my expectations are just too high. All I ever expect is a Professional environment, within the confines of the Law, and expect the management not to fuck me over. Do I ever get that in Security work? NOPE!
Just got my rota for this week, I start at 8pm and finish 0900, then my next shift is 1730 and I finish at 0800 the day after... Yeah cheers for that. Dick.

So if there’s any blacksmiths out there in Yorkshire I can apprentice with give me a shout!

I have no fucking clue why I continue to pay £330 every 3 years for the privilege to work and earn the national minimum of £8.72... Why the hell am I getting out of bed? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Sorry for the rant. Just needed to vent.

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about 1 year

Trades are a solid way to go if you're looking to a career change. I'm not sure the demand for smithing in today's age but I hope it works out for you.

about 1 year

@James thanks, my supervisor was there and just ushered me to the wash station while security escorted the guy and his mates out.
Hoping the new job will be decent but the hours absolutely suck haha

about 1 year

well done for not punching their teeth out. disgusting behaviour. good luck on the job front.