“There is a place I go when life gets too static and civilization seems far from civil. It is a place where they all know me and everyone is free. Where I can sit in solitude and feel the Earth’s energy, be at peace with everything around me. Where I can hear the voices of animals. A place where I can speak the secret language of trees.”

I’ve been feeling more anxious and overwhelmed than usual lately (I’m sure many can relate ❤️) because of that I’ve been feeling very stir-crazy and restless, it was nice to escape into the woods for a bit. The forest helps ground and comfort me, it reminds me that in the grand scheme of things, my issues are small and that everything will be ok. Don’t sweat the small stuff. It helps give me a reset that I need and calms me. I think I feel most at peace in the woods 💚 And Sawyer loves it too! 🐶

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about 2 months

And to the woods we go, to lose our selves and find our souls. Skal!