I attended a workshop yesterday at a beautiful experimental archaeology museum park!

I made a stag antler ring and hair pin - both with iron age drill ornaments (the rune is obviously not iron age, just my personal style added to the piece). The ring is filled with hardened black wax to make the carvings pop (not finished yet and requires much more skill than expected). I absolutely loved every minute of it! ❤

This is all still very crude so it's not a post to adore true craftsmanship (I worked with these materials and tools for the very first time today) but rather a post to share the enjoyment I got from creating something beautiful and useful with my hands from raw materials which my ancestors did probably in a very similar way.

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Alex S
about 1 year

You really can't beat the experience of making something like that using the tools, materials and techniques of the time - it opens up history in a way you'll never learn from books 💚👍