(a poem)

If I could see through Time and beyond.
Would things be different today?
Drifting here, now
There are no answers.
The fog rolls in over the mountains and in the valley.
Shrouding the summer under a cloak of memory.
I wonder how many paths I chose to take
I never would have if I saw the ending.
I am the mirror of meloncholy
But not, the darker depths of infinite sadness.
If I could see through Time, and beyond
Would I be different now?
Would I fight for things not worth fighting for
And choose not to love, when love would end again in heartbreak?
The mountains sigh, shake their heads.
Standing here as we play our lives through and die
They have seen and lived through many lives.
Watching, indifferent.
If I could, see through Time... and beyond
Would I be different now
Would I still be here, alone?
J.pitt 17/7/20

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