I am somewhat grateful not to be commuting into the city daily right now. It means I can finally break into this beautiful behemoth of a tome without having to break my back transporting it with me on the train...
I'd love to know what everyone's favourite tale/saga is?

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about 1 year

Njáll's saga is my favourite so far, of those I've read. It gives such a good picture of Icelandic life at the time.

about 1 year

Volundarkvida and also I am interested in Viktor Rydberg’s ideas on Volund being one of Ivaldi’s sons and also the giant Thjazi.

Son of the Northern Wind
about 1 year

The Vinland Sagas.

about 1 year

I am currently reading the saga of Egill Skallagrimsson, and it's been a fantastic viking tale so far 😊