Damn I must admit, only being on this app makes me feel good knowing how big we are as a community..
For a long time I was truly thinking I was alone in this world who worked the old ways and who felt the presence of the Gods and if makes me so happy to know we all here share the same path, or at least study it

May Odin lead you all to strength on your way and may our community only grow!!

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2 months

I was in the same boat. No one i ever met in real life believed in it. Or i would have to debate facts with some folk in order for them to realize its a actual relgion.

Still never met another real pagan or norse pagan.

2 months

Thanks man 👊🏻

Runa Bjørnen
3 months

Thanks, and welcome.

3 months

Aye. 💪🏻

Swamp Pastor
3 months

People are realizing. The gods are always making themselves known. 🌅🌌

Thee Booch
3 months

Beautiful land