Good morning folk, I had an experience with Thor last night. Being at the beginning of my journey it seems minimal but It was an experience none the less.

A storm came last night and the head of the storm was nothing to write about but I offered some bourbon to Thor and thanked him for the much needed rain. Not 5 minutes later it was the most active lightening I had seen in a thunderstorm so far this year. I sat on my porch and was in awe and just stared at the sky like a little kid. I felt a connection last night and it felt amazing.

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3 months

I recently had a similar experience with my first personal offering to Thor 🌩️ cool seeing how others experiences of the gods line up!

3 months

Odin has brought blessings of storms and Thor has been riding hard in the NE US.

Weather workers are delighting in the energy and reveling in his rides.

May your region continue to be blessed. May father and son revitalize your environment, nourish your harvests, and protect you all from blight and drought.