It used to be that when the pain from my wounds would become too much to bear, i would become bitter introverted and angry. I always tried to deal with the pain and darkness alone. After a while it began to overwhelm me and I suffered even more. I never realized that by trying to protect my loved ones from my personal demons by internalizing all of it, I was doing more harm than good.
Now when I begin to struggle, I make an offering to Odin, pour myself three fingers of Irish whiskey, turn on some appropriate music and then sit in front of my household altar and reflect on the teachings of the gods and on the lessons of my ancestors. It allows me to get a better grip on whatever is troubling me and let’s me approach it from a new angle, refreshed and motivated. Driven to be the best father and husband and, not just another broken veteran, suffering in silence.

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3 months

Like Professor said- Its the battle inside of us that too often has the most casualties. When we look back and fight ourselves over the battles we fought on the outside to often are we the ones we kill over and over. I discovered the call of Odin when I was overseas. He gave me clarity of thought. Let him shift your mind... do not feel guilt for the lives you have taken in clashes of steel. I myself shed the guilt and my mind has been free ever since. Find pride in the fact that you lived through skill and divine protection.

3 months

Spoken like a man of true honor. Keep fighting, brother.

3 months

Well done Brother. The fight inside is always the most brutal.