One of the best things about this app is it's community! Member @Lachlan has made a fun push up challenge to take part in & if you guys hit the highest target by June 10th, to make it interesting we'll donate £378 to a charity of Lachlan's choosing =)

What's the challenge:
-Do some push-ups whenever you can. Do it daily, every other day, once a week or whenever you feel like it between May 10th & June 10th
-Count your reps (Let's all try not to cheat here ;-)) and write them down.
-Every Sunday send me @Lachlan your reps for that week over the app.
-I'll post a weekly update as to how much reps we did together.
-For the top 5 I'll maintain a leaderboard so you can see how you are doing.

Ok so how many push ups are we doing? As many as we collectively can by June 10th!
First of all do this responsibly, listen to your body and don't overwork it.
Do any amount of push ups you can whenever you can.

Because I'm not a 100% certain about the average fitness level on here I seperated our goals in 4 Tiers:

Bronze Tier: 15120
Silver Tier: 22680
Gold Tier: 30240
Descended from Odin Tier: 37800

"The more of you guys join in and the harder you work, the lighter the load for everyone!
Here's a quick, red faced 20 from me showing I need the practice!"

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5 months

Hi all! Don't forget to send over your amounts for last week. Have received only a few so far !

5 months

only just seen this I best make a start 😂💪

5 months

@Vegard beast!! Are you sure there's not a bouncy ball underneath you out of shot? 😂❤️

återföds i krig
5 months

I’m a Soldier and I’ve done about a million pushups! But I’m feeling weak!!! LOL. Y’all keep me motivated! LOL

Mariana Bras
5 months

Cool way for me to stop hating push-ups! I'm in 🤣💪

5 months

Love this 🤍Will start today Let’s go

Hiking Viking
5 months

Awesome! I also need the practice 😂. 15 reps in.

5 months

legend 🔥 lets get going people!