I am indeed alive, despite my family's attempts to poison me on my birthday with obscene amounts of sugar and gin πŸ˜…

A path that I've always liked that got a bit unruly has been cleared up a bit πŸ™Œ So I took my mum and dog for a walk down there the other day 😊 Usually an unruly overgrown path doesn't bother me, but my mum is technically disabled and not so quick footed and my dog, well, she's just tiny and doesn't fare well with mud and brambles, etc.

Lots of local kids swim in this shallow section of the river in summer, hence the makeshift swing 😜

The colour in this part I'd the river is always so lovely! I have no idea why? Perhaps a particular type of algae? πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

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6 months

Not fancy a go on the swing? 😜

Awww, I love lamb season so much!!! 😫❀️ So cute.