Netflix “seaspiracy” thoughts💭.....

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Andy Bee
6 months

@Tarran my man with the vast tank of knowledge 🤟🏻 all spot on, again your correct, being vegan can be a vast help and a balance against the people that refuse to change, but realistically it needs everyone to balance out, you don’t need to be vegan (as much as it can help). The world just needs to fucking stop for a year and let things return, Mother Nature will rebuild, humans have become such a fucking plague.
Single use plastic and face masks are the scourge, I’m nervous to touch grotty scumbags floor masks, but I make sure I take a small snippers to cut the strings if I cross them.
Annoying thing is on my way to work I would have put them in the council bins .... but they were removed for some unknown fucking reason !

6 months

seen this advertised after watching something else and want to watch.

6 months

@Tarran thanks for your much appreciated input , so many good points touched on !

6 months

In 2005 a huge body of scientists told world governments that we needed complete change to fishing practices & oceanic management policies by 2020 or we would eradicate the entire ecosystem by 2050. Without changing course the balance of probability was that oxygen in the atmosphere would drop by 40-60% due to the loss of phytoplankton & other important aquatic plant life.

Its 2021 and the situation has worsened dramatically due to population growth and advancement of fishing methods, we're currently on target for complete oceanic die off with the exception of a handful of species like jellyfish. If we change entirely NOW, like literally NOW, we're fine. Otherwise, we're completely and utterly fucked which is where we're realistically heading.

We're now in need of drastic measures and advancements to limit the damage. Its annoying this documentary mostly just goes down the go vegan route when 30% of the world's population would die without fishing.

The answer? We already have a lot.

- The other 70% of us can stop eating fish & seafood unless it is locally caught with short lines (long lines kill birds like albatross) or sustainably farmed like mussels can be, which also helps to clean water

- Marine protected areas for feeding & breeding with complete no fish zones including locals

- Immediate international restrictions on all industrial fishing vessels using trawlers or long line

- Enforcement of laws against dynamite fishing and other methods practiced in SE Asia

- International ban on shark fishing & all whaling but indigenous small vessel (non motorised), quoted hunts

- Stop single use plastics & end plastic production of non essential items (where alternatives exist) like clothing, children's toys etc

- Ban the use of certain fertilisers and chemicals used in agriculture (shop organic guys)

- End ocean acidification by reducing carbon emissions

We also need to begin compensatory planting of trees & allow them to fully mature alongside high volume, fast growing carbon locks like hemp & bamboo, using these for construction, not burning otherwise that worsens the problem.

Neil P
6 months

Don’t want to eat fish now like ahaha

6 months

Huh. Sounds like something I should watch.

6 months

I have seen it before so I know it’s a couple of years old but it 😡makes me angry that this is happening. They are a law unto theirselves. 😡

6 months

Definitely gets you thinking. Some parts are mind blowing and jaw dropping that it happens to this day such as the Japanese whaling and dolphin industry. Gave me some anxiety to be honest😅